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THAI BRT Bioresonance Center

About Us

Our Story

We founded the THAI BRT Bioresonance Center back in 2012 to find the best possible way to take care of our health by painless and non-invasive means. 

During our 10 years of experience, we have made huge progress, in both knowledge and continually being at the forefront of upgrading with the newest technology. 

So far we have helped thousands of patients from all over the world, including the USA, Europe, the Middle East, India, Thailand, and many other countries.

You'll find out as soon as you enter our center that we truly care about your health.

Healthy woman experiencing vitality, joy and freedom in nature

Our Mission

'Provide effective, alternative therapies to overcome illness and improve the quality of life.'

Our Vision

'Utilize the latest in scientific technology with measurable results for the monitoring of health.'

Our Principles

'Continually updating technology and knowledge to provide the best-in-class healthcare.'

Health Ahead sign in nature

Holistic Healing

At THAI BRT Bioresonance Center, we look at health from a holistic standpoint, not just trying to ease the symptoms, but giving our patients an in-depth understanding of what's going on inside their body.

As all systems in the human body are interconnected, it's important to analyze all at the same time. This way we can quickly and accurately determine the underlying cause of illness.

By looking at the unique energetic signatures of organs as well as pathogens, we can identify what has kept people from getting better.

When we reduce those roadblocks, we help the body's natural process to heal itself. That's also why Bioresonance Therapy is often called a modern form of energy healing.

By strengthening the immune system and improving your self-healing powers, pathogens are eliminated or reduced, and overall quality of life improves. Bioresonance Therapy is often used as Cancer Support Treatment for that very reasons. More and more people come for a yearly therapy plan to keep the overall signs of aging at bay. 

Clinical studies have shown tremendous positive results for patients suffering from allergies, arthritis, chronic diseases such as cancer, chronic fatigue, liver problems, sexual impairment, and other conditions.

Patients have reported, amongst others, improvements with the following ailments related to:


✔︎ Overeating
✔︎ Smoking
✔︎ ...


✔︎ Allergic Dermatitis
✔︎ Allergic Rhinitis 
✔︎ Bronchial Asthma
✔︎ Eczema 
✔︎ Hay Fever
✔︎ ...

Digestive System

✔︎ Abdominal Pains
✔︎ Colitis
✔︎ Distention
✔︎ Duodenal Ulcers
✔︎ Dysbiosis
✔︎ Gastritis
✔︎ Peptic Ulcers
✔︎ ...

Endocrine System

✔︎ Insulin Dependent Diabetes 
✔︎ Menopause
✔︎ Menstrual Disorders
✔︎ Thyroid Disease
✔︎ ...

Gastrointestinal System

✔︎ Cholecystitis
✔︎ Hepatitis
✔︎ Pancreatitis
✔︎ ...

Musculoskeletal System

✔︎ Back and Shoulder Pain
✔︎ Inflammation 
✔︎ Degenerative Joint Diseases 
✔︎ ...

Nervous System

✔︎ Dystonia
✔︎ Dizziness
✔︎ Enuresis
✔︎ Headaches
✔︎ Hyperkinesia
✔︎ Insomnia
✔︎ Migraine
✔︎ Nervousness
✔︎ Neuralgia
✔︎ Neuritis
✔︎ Phobias
✔︎ Radiculitis
✔︎ Sleep Disorders
✔︎ ...

Reproductive System

✔︎ Adnexitis
✔︎ Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia
✔︎ Prostatitis
✔︎ ...

Urinary System

✔︎ Chronic Pyelonephritis
✔︎ Cystitis
✔︎ Urinary Stone
✔︎ Urethritis
✔︎ ...

surreal landscape with tree symbolizing holistic healing as a part of nature

Our 3-Step System to promote Healing

We use an all-encompassing, hollistic approach to diagnosing and restoring health.

Step 1: Bioresonance Scan

✔️ Full health screening of all the organs within 30 minutes.

Step 2: Expert Diagnosis

✔️ Identification of possible allergens, and history and causes of diseases and pathogens.
✔️ Identification of predisposition for diseases.
✔️ Prognosis of natural disease progression without therapy or treatment.
✔️ Diagnosis and focused action plan.

Step 3: Bioresonance Therapy

✔️ Restoring cell function and energetic resonance on a deep molecular level.

About Us

THAI BRT is the leading Bioresonance Center in Southeast Asia, with happy patients all over the world. 

We care about your health.


DR Bioresonance (Thai BRT) 
81 Sukhumvit Soi 2
Ploy Mitr Bldg. 4th Floor
Khlongtoey, Bangkok 10110 
Thailand (show me directions)

Contact Us 

Email: [email protected] 
Phone: +66 (0)6-1532-9354 
Facebook: Thai BRT Co. Ltd.

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Opening Hours 

By appointment only 
Mon-Sun 9:00-17:00

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