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THAI BRT Bioresonance Center

Bioresonance Therapy

What is Bioresonance?

Everything in life has its frequency.

The sun, the songs we hear on the radio, our bodies, our organs, cells, molecules, etc… each have an electromagnetic frequency and resonance of their own. Biological Resonance (aka Bioresonance) are those unique frequencies and patterns that we can observe in all living and nonliving things.

We could look at a flower and measure its bioresonance when it’s young and growing, later when it’s blooming, and at the end when it’s decaying. Not only does this give us information on what state the plant is in, but also on which frequencies would be most beneficial... Some more sunlight maybe, some more water, the right nutrients? 

We can do the same when it comes to the human body!

bioresonance in nature

What is Bioresonance Therapy?

Bioresonance Therapy (aka. BRT) is a safe, non-invasive, and painless way to diagnose and help restore the body back to more optimal health. 

Resonance Therapy was invented in Germany as far back as 1977 but has since been perfected with the advent of ever more powerful computers and better ways to visualize what happens inside our bodies.

All the organs in the human body, and even viruses, bacteria, and fungi, have a unique resonance signature!

1. Bioresonance Scan (Health Screening)

During the initial full-body scan, the frequencies of all the various organs are stimulated and their skin resistance is scanned and recorded. 

That data is compared in real-time to data of a perfectly healthy organ, which allows us to detect the various ailments that are often present in the body.

2. Expert Diagnosis

Not only can our equipment determine the state an organ is in, but also what’s affecting it: pollution, stress, food intolerance, toxic substances, viruses, allergens, etc… 

Our clinical team will go through all of the data in great detail together with you. Often people forget or get used to certain symptoms. Often only the strongest pain or ailment is remembered and others, often closer to the root cause, are suppressed. Here is where we will discuss what's really going on inside your body and the best course of action.

3. Bioresonance Therapy

After the medical diagnosis has been completed, the tissue, cells, and even chromosomes that were marked as underperforming, are gradually nursed back to a more optimal state of bio resonance during each session.

Illnesses thrive in an unhealthy environment. By improving the overall conditions of the cells in the body in as many places as possible, it becomes more difficult for disease to grow or survive, and health returns. 

Because of the many benefits and painless sessions, people often liken it to a more technologically advanced version of Traditional Chinese Medicine, or “acupuncture without the needles” but it is so much more. As it integrates numerous fields of medical and health care practices it’s also often referred to as Quantum Medicine and is scientifically proven in the research of 200+ scientific papers.

bioresonance in nature

Bioresonance Scan Benefits

People who suffer from chronic pain or who have a weak immune system, often find it difficult to pinpoint the exact cause of their ailments with traditional hit-and-miss screening methods. 

Performing a Bioresonance Test at our Center is a painless and quick way to diagnose and identify the possible causes of any health condition. It is also the first step before starting any therapy.

We establish a baseline and use it to set our goals and course of action toward better health.


✔️ Non invasive
✔️ Pain-free
✔️ Radiation-free

✔️ Safe - Suitable for children, pregnant women, and people with a weak immune system 
⚠︎ BRT is not suitable for people who have a pacemaker or similar electronic implants

✔️ Aims to find the cause of the disease
✔️ Aims to find dormant viruses or prior illnesses
✔️ Aims to spot future health risk factors

✔️ Quick - Full body scan of every organ within 30 minutes
✔️ Detailed - Scans even the weakest organs
✔️ Instant - Immediate results and expert diagnosis by our clinical team

bioresonance scan overview and benefits

Bioresonance Therapy Benefits

Bioresonance Therapy has a lot of advantages over standard hospital treatments but is not always a replacement. 

If your physician has you on a treatment program, complementing it with BRT may speed up the healing process.


✔️ Non invasive
✔️ Pain-free
✔️ Radiation-free
✔️ Drug-free
✔️ No side effects

✔️ Safe - Suitable for children, pregnant women, and people with a weak immune system  
⚠︎ BRT is NOT SUITABLE for people who have a pacemaker or similar electronic implants

✔️ Complementary - Can be combined with existing treatments
✔️ No recovery time at all - You can go about your day as normal
✔️ No hospitalization - Explore Bangkok during your medical holiday

Here are just a few of the many improvements that our patients have written to us about:

Patients Experience

✦ Pain relief
✦ Accelerated healing of injuries
✦ Reduced need for medications
✦ Strengthening of their immune system
✦ Detoxification of heavy metals and other contaminants
✦ Increased energy and vitality
✦ Improved circulation
✦ Improved mood
✦ Cessation of addictions
✦ Etc...

bioresonance therapy benefits: elderly patient crutches

Who is Bioresonance Therapy for?

Having great health is one of the most important wishes of people the world over. 

Who can benefit most from Bioresonance Therapy?

People who want to improve their Health and

✔︎ Haven’t found relief in traditional treatments.
✔︎ Can’t do other treatments because of their weak immune system.
✔︎ Want a second opinion on the best course of action.
✔︎ Want to know what’s truly going on inside their body.
✔︎ Want to know which part of their health they should focus on first.
✔︎ Want to know hereditary illnesses they may be predisposed to.
✔︎ Want to know how well each organ performs.
✔︎ Want to know how well each organ heals over time.
✔︎ Want to establish a clear baseline before weighing their options.
✔︎ Want to combine it with a rewarding holiday abroad.

healthy seniors enjoying life fully at the pool

Reasons why people choose THAI BRT Center

We often wonder why we are so lucky to have such great patients, because people fly to our Center from nearly every continent, and most of our patients were recommended by former patients… 

We believe it all has to do with us resonating together, to bring about healing. We believe in holistic healthcare, and we have a strong focus on prevention.

We’re passionate about our patients’ health!

What you can expect from Us

✔︎ Professional and friendly service in English, Chinese, and Thai.
✔︎ Skilled full-time Bioresonance therapists.
✔︎ Wide range of state-of-the-art Bioresonance devices for early detection.
✔︎ Constantly updated database of microorganism energy signatures for early detection.
✔︎ Ability to detect the cause and prognosis of illnesses in the body.
✔︎ Ability to test how your body reacts to current medications and supplements.
✔︎ Ability to identify the presence of viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites, contaminants, and allergens.
✔︎ Ability to assist the healing process by improving energetic homeostasis in the body.

About Us

THAI BRT is the leading Bioresonance Center in Southeast Asia, with happy patients all over the world. 

We care about your health.


DR Bioresonance (Thai BRT) 
81 Sukhumvit Soi 2
Ploy Mitr Bldg. 4th Floor
Khlongtoey, Bangkok 10110 
Thailand (show me directions)

Contact Us 

Email: [email protected] 
Phone: +66 (0)6-1532-9354 
Facebook: Thai BRT Co. Ltd.

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Opening Hours 

By appointment only 
Mon-Sun 9:00-17:00

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