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THAI BRT Bioresonance Center

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Which Organs are tested and worked on during Therapy?

THAI BRT Bioresonance Center constantly updates to the newest technology and has multiple different scanning and therapy devices to guarantee the broadest range of detection and correction. We also stay abreast of the newest medical findings by constantly updating our medical databases. 

A brief overview of some of the systems and organs we check:

Cardiovascular System

✔︎ Aorta
✔︎ Arteries
✔︎ Blood cells
✔︎ Brain vessels
✔︎ Cavities of heart walls
✔︎ Heart valves
✔︎ Heart vessels
✔︎ Spleen
✔︎ Veins
✔︎ ...

Endocrine System

✔︎ Adrenal glands
✔︎ Hypothalamus
✔︎ Langerhans islands
✔︎ Pancreas
✔︎ Parathyroid gland
✔︎ Pituitary gland
✔︎ Thyroid gland
✔︎ ...

Gastric-Intestinal System

✔︎ Duodenum
✔︎ Gall bladder
✔︎ Gullet
✔︎ Large intestines
✔︎ Liver
✔︎ Pancreas
✔︎ Small intestines
✔︎ Stomach
✔︎ ...

Nervous System

✔︎ Brain
✔︎ Peripheral nerves
✔︎ Spinal cord
✔︎ ...

Osseous-Joints System

✔︎ Ankles
✔︎ Backbone (cervical, thoracic, lumbar)
✔︎ Breastbone and ribs
✔︎ Elbow joints
✔︎ Hip joints
✔︎ Humeral joints
✔︎ Joints of hands and feet
✔︎ Knee joints
✔︎ ...

Respiratory System

✔︎ Bosoms
✔︎ Bronchial tubes
✔︎ Lymph nodes
✔︎ Nose cavity
✔︎ Palatine tonsils
✔︎ Pulmonary tissue
✔︎ Throat
✔︎ Trachea
✔︎ ...

Urinogenital System

✔︎ Bladder
✔︎ Kidneys
✔︎ Ureter
✔︎ Urethra
✔︎ ...

Male Reproductive System

✔︎ Prostate 
✔︎ Spermatozoa
✔︎ Testicles

Female Reproductive System

✔︎ Dairy glands 
✔︎ Ovaries 
✔︎ Uterine pipes
✔︎ Uterus

What does Bioresonance Therapy cost?

The body is a very sophisticated machine. Everyone is different, has a different environment, different levels of stress, and different lifestyles, so the cost of the therapy is based on the diagnosis. It also depends on how far an ailment has progressed. 

Often patients are only aware of a very limited part of the problem and want ‘x’ to be fixed, but have no idea that they have a much bigger underlying problem ‘y’, that when that is resolved, a lot of the other problems will disappear as well.

It is best to send a message to our clinical team and arrange a date for your Bioresonance Scan so we can give you a more accurate indication of the treatment cost in a regular hospital and how much more affordable resonance therapy in our Bioresonance Center could be.

How to boost my Immune System?

A weak immune system causes lots of problems in the body. Improving it is most critical and is the best way to stave off a lot of illnesses and make us more resistant to bacteria and viruses. 

But, before boosting it, we need to discover what is hampering our body from functioning optimally! 

A weak immune system test can be performed by a bio resonance scan of the most critical organs, as well as testing the supplements that you may already be taking daily and find out if they are, in fact, beneficial for you, or not at all. Find out what's going on inside your body

How effective is Bioresonance Therapy?

WE DO NOT GUARANTEE treatment, cure, or healing in any way. Only God can do that. Every person is different, each body is different, and while the devices that we use have an extremely high accuracy of 96%, the body is still made up of tens of thousands of functions and relations that the technology today is not even aware of. 

It is our goal to always provide all of our patients with the absolute best care and aim to tailor our therapies to their specific condition, per the diagnoses we receive as well as results we have obtained with other patients in a similar situation.

Will it work for you?

Suitable for People with a Pacemaker?

⚠︎ No. Due to the measuring and stimulation of magnetic resonance, Bioresonance Scanning, Therapy and Vegetotesting is NOT suitable for patients who wear a pacemaker, or similar electronic devices.

Is getting Therapy abroad a good Idea?

A lot of people already go on a medical vacation when they look for the best place to get aesthetic surgery, and in the meanwhile be away from people in their environment, taking the time to heal, recover, and develop maybe a new outlook on the world. 

We see the same is happening in our Center for non-invasive, painless, and stress-free health checks as well as therapies as medical tourism is a major part of our operations! That’s why we’re also able to provide medical services in three languages: English, Chinese, and Thai.

If you or a relative doesn’t speak any of these languages but you speak any of our 3 languages, maybe accompany them on a wonderful trip to Thailand and translate their conditions, so we can guarantee the very best care and service for them.

We know the ins- and outs- of Bangkok and Thailand, and are looking forward to helping you plan your medical holiday to THAI BRT.

Can't I do this at a Health Clinic near Me?

Most clinics and hospitals focus only on taking away the symptoms but hardly ever treat the root cause of the problem. Often there are multiple causes! 

That is why traditional treatments often only alleviate an issue but don’t resolve them. With bio resonance scanning we can perform thousands of times more tests in a fraction of the time, and at a fraction of the cost. It also is non-invasive, pain free, quick, and allows for an immediate diagnosis. On top of that, not even a drop of blood is required. Forget about changing into a gown!

Another advantage of using THAI BRT is that you will be helped by just a few doctors who have both a wide and detailed view of what is going on in each organ and how it affects one another. In traditional hospitals you often have to meet and test and wait and consult with multiple different doctors, just to try to cure one of the ailments that show up as a symptom, and to fix it in only one specific way:… the service that the last doctor offers.

Wouldn’t it be great if you went to a hospital, well-informed about what’s wrong with your body first, or talk to a dietician and know which organs to adjust your regimen to, or commence therapy with us and aim to restore as many organs as possible to a state of better health?

Even if you are already undergoing a traditional treatment, especially if there is little progress, it may be beneficial to have a more holistic view of what’s going on inside your body, and with complementary therapy to aid the healing process towards better well-being.

Can't I cure my Conditions with Food and Supplements?

You might be able to, as soon as you have a clear understanding of what your conditions are.

Most likely there are multiple, and at regular hospitals and labs, things will get expensive with lengthy and extensive blood work. Using our bio resonance test, you will be able to have a full analysis and diagnosis of the state your body is in, what is working against you, and what you can do to restore that balance and live a life of optimal health.

Together with you, our doctors can help you determine the right path to your wellbeing. It can be determining which supplements are good for you, which foods are bad for you, or taking a shorter route and using Bioresonance Therapy to offset years of what’s been happening in our body in a short time instead.

CT Scan vs MRI Scan vs Bioresonance Scan

Both CT Scans and MRI Scans capture images of your body. CT Scans use X-Rays, while MRI Scans use magnetic resonance imaging radio waves. Both are expensive, take up a lot of time, and are not always healthy. Imagine just having to dose your body in X-Rays for a prolonged time, just to learn what is wrong with it, or having to lay still for a few hours while loud radio waves bounce up and down your body!

A Bioresonance Scan is totally different! You can be relaxed in a comfortable chair with headphones for 30 minutes, that’s it. You don’t even need to change clothes!

Bioresonance Testing is based on scanning the frequencies of the body using radio waves in a more modern and intelligent way. Each organ and its parts, as well as diseases, vibrate at different frequencies. The best way would be to compare it to a RADAR or SONAR. We send out a “ping” at a certain frequency and look at what comes back. By doing so, we know if that organ, even to the cell and chromosome level, is performing optimally or if it is off.

If they are off, we can tell how far and mark them to help them restore function. By looking at what comes back, we can also determine the most likely cause. It might be an infection, bacteria, a virus, or inflammation.

In the shortest possible time, we gather more information about your body than what would take a full day in a hospital for a single problem.

Since our body consists of so many parts that have to work well together, it is paramount to look at the big picture first, before trying to “treat”, “heal” or “fix” any disease. We need to understand the body, and know why it is acting like this. Our clinical professionals will help you understand the results, and give you their best advice.

About Us

THAI BRT is the leading Bioresonance Center in Southeast Asia, with happy patients all over the world. 

We care about your health.


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